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Note: This is only for shops that have the Advanced Layer Slider module installed.


Themes that use this module are:

Clothes |


The Module

To modify the home page slides in the admin area click on

Admin > Extensions > Modules > Layers Sliders (click edit to load it )



Current Slides

The current slides can be viewed by clicking on the link under Current Slides Available


Once this page has loaded you can edit the current slide settings and access the slide images 


Access Current Slide Images 

To view the current slides images (after clicking on the current slides available link above) click the ‘Manage Sliders’ button 



Active Images 

You can view the active images or add new images

To edit an image click on the thumbnail 


Image Editing 

Fill in the image specific details for the slide

Slot Amount
Transition Rotation
Transition Duration
Enable Link
Full Width Video
Video ID
Auto Play



Layers Editor

Each slide can have multiple layers

The layers Editor lets you add / delete images / video / text for this slide 


Layer Details

Once you have added a new layer – a layer specific editor is available 

This lets you specify further layer specific  features such as locations, effects and transitions.




Adding a new slide / Editing current slide

 When adding a new slide or editing an existing slide you have a number of options available 


















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