Follow Me Module

If you would like to display social links on your site, you can do this by using the ‘Follow Me Module’.

This is available by going to admin > extensions > modules ‘Follow Me’ (click edit / install)


Custom Title:

This is the title of the module area – you can display this or hide this via the ‘Show Header:’ select box displayed under this field.


 Show Icon: / Show Box:

This shows the modules icon beside the header (the header must be turned on for this to be displayed)


This is where you enter in the link to your social media profile.

If you want to turn a profile on, make sure you select’Yes’ in the select box

Page Names – if you are entering a page name / id you dont need to enter in the full link

ie for

enter just






This is the page type and location where you would like this module displayed.

You can add one layout/location per line – to add more click ‘Add Module’



 Note: Remember to click save









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