Carousel Module

The Carousel Module displays banners  as a slideshow.

You can modify the Carousel Module by going to admin > extensions > modules > Carousel (click edit)


Before using the Carousel Module, make sure that you have created a banner block

Details of how to do this can be viewed here


Steps To Create / Edit a module 

  1. Click Add module  (only if you want ot create a new one)
  2. BANNER: Select the banner to display from the drop down box
  3. LIMIT: The number of images to display
  4. SCROLL: The number of images to scroll
  5. IMAGE (W X H) AND RESIZE TYPE: Size of the images to display
  6. LAYOUT: Page layout to use ie Home
  7. POSITION: Location on the page for this module
  8. STATUS: Enable / Disable
  9. SORT ORDER: The priority of this module compared to others on this page – the lower the number the higher it is displayed.



Note: Remember to click Save

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