SEO Mythbusting 101

Wondering how to do SEO? So are millions of other people around the world. Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, cheaply made articles that have a 400-word count from ‘Native English Writers’ (that also say will pass Copyscape) No, Google wants and demands more… So why do people […]

Mobile Beats TV For The First Time

This year marks the first time that Americans will spend more time staring down at their phones and tablets than they will watching television. – View the article here No matter where you go, you will see someone on their mobile device – most people even sleep wit htheir phone […]

The Dawn Of Tomorrow

As humans, we naturally dream and think about the future, what will it be like? Where will we be? Will we get that Ferrari, and the partner we most want? Will we achieve all those dreams that we had when we were younger and planned out our future? As Entrepreneurs, […]

Facebook Blueprint

How Facebook Blueprint Can Help You Make Money With any FB Advertisement Facebook has changed its advertising offerings over the years. Like many companies who make the majority of their income from advertising revenue, Facebook is always trying to find that perfect mix of marketing options that suit the individuals […]

The Power of Pain

Let’s talk about human nature for a second. If I were to offer you a succulent, moist, still warm-from-the-oven piece of triple chocolate cake… …while simultaneously slamming my heel into your toes… …which one would you notice? Which one would you react to? And which one would you still be […]

The Secret Copywriters NEVER Tell You

The Secret Copywriters NEVER Tell You It’s all about fancy copywriting and Jedi mind tricks to make the sale with your copy, right? After all, that’s what most copywriters will tell you. However, at least half the battle is won via selection of your audience, rather than how good your […]