Maintenance Mode

If you do not want anyone to see or have access to your site you can use the maintenance page module.

If the maintenance page is running – you will need to log into the admin area of your site to see everything.

Once logged in click the ‘Store Front’ text located the top right of your screen to see the site.

1. In the admin area of your store click ‘Extensions > Modules’

ie like


2. Scroll down until you see the maintenance module – click install

Once the module has installed, click edit to modify it.

3. You will be taken to the modules main page

ie like



4. Options Available:

Enable Maintenance Mode: – This turns the maintenance page on / off

Show Logo: – if you would like to display your stores logo turn this on

Viewable to Admins: make sure this is enabled – this means you can see the changes you make when logged in

Maintenance Message (You can use HTML here): You can add information or images here that you would like displayed to all non admin users who view your site.

 5. Once you have set this up remember to click ‘Save’

6. To make your site live simply disable  the module in the menu above or uninstal it from the extension > modules area


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