Your store has a basic affiliate area available.

If you would like to use this area please contact us so we can enable it for you.

The affiliate system has a sign up page for your affiliates, in their affiliate area unique links can be generated.

An affiliate can then promote your store using these links – any sales that are made are then recorded by the store

Once we have enabled the affiliate area for you, there are a few steps you need to complete



Affiliate Setup

1. Set up the affiliate details in your admin area of your store


Go to admin > system > settings > options tab 


Scroll down till you see the Affiliate area


Enter in the  percentage that you wish to set for the AFFILIATE COMMISSION.

Scroll up to the top of the page and click SAVE



Affiliate Sign Up Page

You can see the sign up
(replace with your sites domain name)
ie like 

This is where your affiliates can sign up for an account 

If you do want to use this you should also sign up for an account to see how the system works

Adding Affiliates

Log into the admin area of your site

Go to sales > affiliates 

To add a new affiliate click Insert or to approve pending affiliates select them then click the approve button
When adding a new affiliates hter eare a number of fields to enter in:

First Name First name of the affiliate
Last Name Last name of the affiliate
E-Mail Email address of the affiliate
Telephone Telephone number of the affiliate
Fax Fax number of the affiliate
Company Company name of the affiliate
Address 1 Address of the affiliate
Address 2 Address of the affiliate
CIty City of the affiliate
Postcode Zip or Post code of the affiliate
Country Country of the affiliate
Region/State Region or state of the affiliate
Tracking Code Unique code for the affiliate to generate sales links.
This code is used to track sales referrals.
Password password for the affiliate
Confirm confirmation of the password for the affiliate
Status Enable/Disable to allow affiliate access to the store

Once the information for the Affiliate has been added, click on PAYMENT DETAILS to go to the next step:


Once you have completed the Payment section, make sure that all the settings for the affiliate is complete and then select the SAVE button in the top right hand corner.


Payments / Tracking


Once your affiliates start to make sales you can see their balance in the affiliates area.
To keep your affiliates happy remember to pay them on time – but also be wary of fraudulent transactions as you don’t want to be sending money to people who generate fake orders with stolen credit card details

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