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The Shipping area lets you edit the following areas: Shipping Method, Status (Enabled or Disabled) and Sort Order.


It also shows a few actions that can be done, including Install, Edit and Uninstall



Weight Based

Weight based shipping uses your own personal “table” rates to determine the shipping cost.

(the item weight needs to be specified in each product to do this)

It allows multiple ranges of rates based on different weights.The format of the weight to cost in the admin area is:

weight:cost, weight:cost, etc


The default unit of measure is taken from 
Admin Area –> System –> Settings –> Local (Weight Class: Field)


If the default unit of measure is changed make sure it is also changed in:


Admin Area –> System –> Localisation –> Weight Classes


For example if you want to setup the following:
Cart weight 10lbs or less cost $10
Cart weight 11-20lbs cost $15
Cart weight 21-40lbs cost $20
Cart weight more than 40lbs cost $30

You would use the following rates:

Code: Select all
10:10.00, 20:15.00, 40:20.00, 9999999:30.00

The last one is important because it sets an virtually infinite ceiling. If you didn’t have that 9999999 rate, then anything over 40lbs would have no available rate and would show an error.

Weight-Based shipping also supports multiple geozones.


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