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Note: This is only for shops that have the Mega Menu module installed.



Mega Menu is an advanced category editor, built on Twitters front-end framework called Bootstrap 

You can access this module by going to admin > extensions > modules > Mega Menu (click edit)


Module Location

The module assignment area lets you select the location on the site the menu is displayed

Layout – the page type you would like this menu to appear on (generally All Page)

Position- location on the page you owuld liek the menu to be displayed 

Status – turn the menu on / off 

Sort area – if there are multiple module in the same position, this is the hierarchy order of how they are displayed





Current Categories Area

The tree management area shows the current top level structure you have set up.

You can delete a level by clicking on the delete icon (trash bin), or edit a level by clicking on the edit icon (pencil)

If you move your mouse pointer over an existing level and hold the left mouse button – you can drag a level to reposition both the location (drag up and down) and hierarchy (drag right / left)

Letting go of the left mouse button places the item you have moved

Remember to click ‘Update’ to save these changes


Adding a new level

To add a new level, fill out the details under the ‘CREATE NEW MEGAMENU’ area

Title: Level Name 
Description: Level Description

is Published – on / off 

Type:  The type of level this is, there are a few options available including url, category, information page and html
URL: If selected above

Parent ID: Select if this is a sub level
Image:  If needed – this is added by clicking browse and using the image manager

Menu Class:  Advanced css styling if needed
Show Title: Yes / No
Is Group: Set Group to allow All Submenu Items to show in the same level of the parent menu without hovering on parent to show them
Columns: If needed
Detail Columns Width: Enter detail width of each subcols in values 1->12. Example: col1=3 col3=5
Sub Menu Type



Manage Widget Tab.

A Widget is an advanced menu item such as an image, video or piece of text.

As a widget allows you to enter html, you have complete creative freedom to display almost anything you would like.

The manage widget  tab lets you preview the current widgets and edit or add to them.

Click the  Create tab to create a new widget or edit an existing one 


Live Menu Editor

The live menu editor give you a more visual way to create your menu

Click an existing menu item to edit it and modify it as needed











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