Offer free shipping for only some items

If you use the Free Shipping module this will make free shipping for all products.

If you want to offer free shipping on a few selected products only then you can do this by using the weight based shipping option.


Step 1

Add a weight too all the products in the store

For free shipping make the items weight 0

For paid shipping make the items weight 10

Details of how to add weight options to a product can be viewed at:




Step 2 

You then need to enable the Weight Based shipping module and modify the settings so all items that weight 0 have free shipping.

For example 

We want to set up:

weight 0 = free shipping 
weight 10 = $5
weight 20 = $10
weight 30 = $15
weight 40+ = $20

The code to enter in would be 

0:0.00, 10:5.00, 20:10.00, 30:15.00, 999999:20.00

So the code to enter is

0:0.00, 10:(your price here for one unit), 20:(your price here for two units), 30:(your price here for thee units), 9999999:(your price for 4+ units)

Details of how to enable / use this module can be viewed at:



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