Modules Overview

Core modules overview

Account: The User Account links (My Account, Edit Account, Order History, etc) box for the customer to access.
Affiliate: Links for the store’s affiliate program is made available in a box for affiliates to access.
Banners: Adds an image banner with icons linking to different products or manufacturers in the store.
Bestsellers: Adds a window displaying the best sellers wherever position/page it is specified.
Carousel: Displays banner that can be navigated through as a slideshow.
Category: Displays a module containing all the categories and subcategories of the store.
Featured: Displays a feature box containing selected products.
Google Talk: A chat box used with a Google account to interact with customers. 
Information: Adds the information tab containing the Information pages (About Us, Delivery Info, Privacy Policy, Terms&Conditions)
Latest: Adds the latest, or most recently added, products in the form of product icons to a product box on a page. 
Specials: Displays all the products with Specials in a product box. Specials can be added to products in the Special tab. 
Store: Creates a box for the customer to select another store to visit if there are multiple stores managed with OpenCart.
Welcome: Creates a custom “Welcome” message for the customer to view on the home page.

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  1. Hi,

    I do not want to have the affiliates option at the bottom of my page. I have gone into Modules and uninstalled the affiliates but it still appears. How do I get rid of this?


    1. admin

      Hi Nhung,

      This is a manual process from our end and has been updated for you – please contact us at: if you have any more updates / questions



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