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Some themes have an advanced customization module installed that displays banner on your site.

To help you out we have used place holder images in a number of our themes

This lets you simply replace the images that are there with new images.


Sample Banner:

You can change these banners in the admin area 

The module that you need to go to does depend on the theme being used so make sure you review your themes set up help area.


Click on the existing image

In the module area – click on the image you would like to replace


The Image Viewer

The image viewer lets you modify the size of the current image, align the image and also add in a new image

There are also a few more advanced tabs available which lets you add in a link for the image 

To change the image click ‘Browse Server’



The Image Manager

Clicking ‘Browse Server’ loads the image manager – to use a new image wait for the image list to load and then double click on the image you would like to use to select it.

You can see more details about the image manager by clicking here


This takes you back to the image viewer – to continue with this image click ‘ok’





Remember to save the module to make this change live on your site

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