How to add a new logo

Please Note:


your logo must be the correct size or else it will not display correctly.




On the each page of your website at the top of the page your site has a logo.


This can be changed from within the admin area of your website.


To do this you need to use the Image Manager


This can be accessed via the admin area of your site


admin area –> System –> Settings












Click on the ‘Image’ tab


and then click the word ‘browse’ under the current logo





This opens the Image Manager


Your logo image is available under the folder called ‘image’



























Saving the current logo

We suggest you save the original file to your computer in case you need to use them at a later date



To do this go to the home page of your site


right click on the current logo you want to save and select ‘Save image as…’




Logo sizes do vary so you will need to double check the new logo you are adding is a similar size to the old one


To add the new logo to your site

 clicking the upload icon

This opens up a browser window of files on your PC

To upload double click the file

Once uploaded you can select the image by double clicking on it 

Remember to double check everything then Save

The new logo will be displayed correctly on your site

Remember you will need to refresh the home page to see the most recent changes (use the refresh button or hold ctl and f5 together)


or you may need to clear your browsers cache


Image editing software

To change the image you will need some sort of image editing software.



Commercial Applications


This is one of the more powerful software application available on the market.
This is paid for software, however there is a 30 trial available on their site.


Free Software Options:


1. PhotoScape

2. GIMP for Windows

3. Paint.NET

4. Serif PhotoPlus

5. Photo Pos Pro

6. Pixia


Online Editor



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