Flat Rate Shipping



The Shipping area lets you edit the following areas: Shipping Method, Status (Enabled or Disabled) and Sort Order.


It also shows a few actions that can be done, including Install, Edit and Uninstall

Flat Rate

Flat Rate shipping lets you specify one amount for each order regardless of destination or order size.

To have a flat rate for multiple zones

You need to use the weight based shipping and setup multiple geozones with the same country/zone info


(the item weight needs to be specified in each product to do this)


Geozone 1: Standard = $5

Geozone 2: Express = $8

Geozone 3: Next Day = $12

Then in the weightbased shipping, set:

Standard: 9999999:5.00

Express: 9999999:8.00

Next Day: 9999999:12.00


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