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Adding a Sub Category

Go to Products > Categories

Clicking Products –> Categories will bring you to the Categories dashboard

In this area you can add / delete / modify the categories on your site


How to add a new category?

Products > Category.

Make sure to click the Insert button.

You can find it in the upper-right corner of the screen. It is close to the Delete button.



The General Tab

After clicking on the Insert / Edit button, you will be redirected to the following screen.

In order to create a Category, you only need to enter in the category name – however there are a few extra fields available for advanced customization



Category Name:

The Category Name must be filled with the exact terms that define that category. Ex. If the online store is selling clothes, possible categories can be the following: “T-Shirts”, “Shirts” or “Jeans”. This is the text that is displayed on your site.


Meta Tag Keywords:

The Meta Tag Keywords section lets you enter in relevant keywords for this product. Great for SEO but make sure the keywords you use are relevant.

Seperate multiple keywords by a space and comma


design, sites, websites etc etc


Keyword Ideas:

name of category

goods under the category

general way people use the items in the category

any other important aspect regarding the category


Meta Tag Description:

The Meta Tag Description field lets you enter in a relevant description for this category. Great for SEO but make sure it is relevant.

Try to create a “flowing” and descriptive text (that is not too long)


Amazing website design for a fraction of the price



The Description area is made from an HTML Rich Text Editor. This is also a WYSIWYG editor. You can either enter in the text you want displayed (just like you do in word / email applications)  or you can insert HTML code using the Source button. The HTML Rich Text Editor helps to write bolditalic or underlined text.


Full details can be viewed on the Formatting Page




Click the Data tab if you want to add this category as a sub category:

In this area you can enter in a parent category

(ie you just made a top level catgory called ‘Tops’ and this one is called Long Sleeve Tees

To do this start typing in the first few letters of the filter you have already created



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