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The Abandoned Orders area lets you contact people who semi completed, but did not finish an order

This extension allows you to send e-mails to customers that have abandoned their order.

In order to prevent duplicate or inaccurate e-mails, only one e-mail will go out per customer e-mail address, even if they have multiple abandoned orders. In addition, no e-mails will be sent to customers that have completed an order within 48 hours of abandoning one.

In the event that a customer has many abandoned orders within 48 hours of each other, the extension will use the information from the most recent abandoned order to send the e-mail.

Find out if your shipping prices are too high, learn about difficulties a customer experienced during checkout and show the customers that you care and want to make sure they are happy with your store!

To get to this area click Sales >Abandoned Orders





To send a newsletter fill in the details (contact group, subject and message)

Make sure you dont send too many emails at one time or your subscribers will complain and unsubscribe




Email Handling View


abandoned orders shopping site email


The email message


Abandoned Orders cart email


Remember to click ‘Send Emails’ when you have completed this area




To remove order from the Abandoned Orders area with emailing them


If you want to remove an order from the Abandoned Orders area
1. go to  admin > Abandoned Orders 
2. click edit beside the order you want to remove
3. click the History tab
4. select ‘Voided’ from the drop down menu ‘Order Status:’
5. click ‘add history’ button
This will save this order with a status of ‘Voided’ 


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