Should I Be Obsessing About Load Times?

Google has announced that page loading time will now be included in the ranking criteria. As a consequence, a lot of SEO specialists are now obsessing over speed. A webmaster from Michigan is skeptical about this intense focus, though. He personally thinks that load times will have very little influence […]

Why Advertise Online

Succeeding on the Internet is like finding the perfect plot of real estate.  It’s all about location, location, location — specifically, your location on Google. After all, more than 1 billion Google searches are done every single day!  Google has become such a big part of our culture that it’s […]

Reach Your Customers

Reach – 2/3 of Ausies are now Internet connected. If you don’t have a website you are missing out to your competitor that does. Targeted – Target by keyword and Geo Location Engaging – Our lead generation websites have been built to get you more leads Measurable – Easily track your adspend and ROI […]

Improving Website Performance With Page Speed

This Google Webmasters video introduces Page Speed, a tool to help website builders make their sites load faster. Software engineer Sam Kerner takes the viewer through Page Speed’s features and functionality so that webmasters get a basic idea of how the tool generates suggestions for them. Some of the most […]